Why Use a Realtor?


Benefits for Homebuyers

Its a Free Service for Buyers

Why use a Realtor?

The builder’s model home is staffed with employees who represent the builder’s interests. Having the right Realtor representing you can save you money on unnecessary builder fees; can show you where builders are flexible on price; can get your closing costs paid; can get you a hefty rebate at closing! Why would you not take advantage of these benefits?

Will my Realtor understand the construction process?

Our agents have had at least 10 years past experience working as builder reps. But now we work as buyer reps! We understand the building process from the lot scraping and the rough plumbing to the final grade and the final walk-through! You won’t find any more experienced and qualified Realtors anywhere!

How much are closing costs on new construction?

Closing costs vary depending on the price of the home and the state, but in Florida closing costs run approximately 3% of the home price. That’s a lot of money. We will help get that covered so you don’t have to!

Buying a home with a RebatePad agent gives you a far better experience


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You'll receive a rebate at closing outside of anything negotiated with a builder.


Aside from saving you money, we promise to protect and defend your interests throughout the construction process.